Why London bus drivers fall asleep at the wheel

A new report has shown that 1 in 6 London bus drivers have fallen asleep at the wheel within the last year.  

We decided to ask seven bus drivers whose names begin with S, why this is happening:

Sandeep from Ilford: I had a passenger who wouldn’t stop talking, she was so dull it sent me off to sleep while driving through Barking.

Sandra from Wembley: They don’t pay me enough to be awake on the job.

Solly from Hertsmere: I was driving recently and had a dream that Marilyn Monroe was singing to me. When I woke up, I realised I was being screamed at by a homeless woman.

Sally from Ealing: I hate my life; my only escape is sleep. If that’s while I’m driving a bus then so be it.

Steve from Forest Hill: It only happened once to me. I was asleep in bed and woke up halfway through my usual bus route. I must have sleepwalked to the depot, into my cab and halfway through the number 4 route.

Simon from Wimbledon: I keep taking my sleeping pills at the wrong time of day. I usually make them with my lunch instead of my cholesterol medicine. On the plus side, it makes the afternoon shift go a look quicker.

Sadie from Upminster: I have three kids and a fat, alcoholic husband. The only time I get any peace and quiet when I’m driving the bus. Of course I’m going to use that time to nap occasionally!

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