Jewish Chronicle too expensive for some antisemites

For many people in the UK Jewish community, the Jewish Chronicle is a Shabbat treat. But spare a thought for people who can’t afford it and have to use regular toilet paper.

The problem is worse for thousands of poorer antisemites across the UK who rely on the Jewish Chronicle to spin their conspiracy theories and fuel their Jew-hatred.

Robin Incredulous, a YouTuber who makes “truther” videos, told us he’s been hit hard by the cost rises. “I used to buy an annual subscription to the Jewish Chronicle so I could cut out articles that prove Jews were behind 9/11, JFK’s assassination and the Holocaust.  Now the price is so high. I have to use the online version and print out articles, which is not the same.”

David Kike, Head of the UK Jew Hater Association, told the Daily Jews. “I can understand the high prices for Jewish readers; they’re all rich and can afford it.  Some of our members are on low or no incomes. How about a little consideration and support for those Jew-haters on the bread line.’

A spokesperson for the Jewish Chronicle told us: “We have sympathy for Jew-haters, look how we give Benjamin Netanyahu so much positive coverage.  But we’re a business. As our editor likes to say “Screw the EU, and if you’re poor, go get a job”.  

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