Conservative party to pass a bill exempting Boris Johnson from accusations of racism

In anticipation of his anticipated win in the leadership campaign, the Conservative party has taken the preemptive step in drawing up new legislation that will exempt Boris Johnson from any accusations of racism.  

Former leadership candidate Andrea Leadsom, has drawn up plans that will insulate Mr Johnson from criticism should he win the leadership contest.   Mrs Leadsom told the press “Everyone knows Boris is a bit of a plonker, and yes technically he is racist, Islamophobic and generally rude but then Theresa May was against the Blacks and she got away with it” she went on to say “What we need now is a leader who can get on with Brexit without distractions, that leader should have been me but I lost so I’m backing Boris in the hope he gives me a good cabinet job when he inevitably wins the leadership election”.

This comes off the back of Muslim Conservative Forum chair Mohammed Amin, threatening to quit should Mr Johnson become Prime Minister.  Responding to questions related to Mr Amin Mrs Leadsom said: “There are plenty more suckers to replace him, frankly I’m still surprised there is a Muslim Conservative Forum”.

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