Native American spokesperson supports Trump’s plan to send foreigners home

As American President Donald Trump is roundly attacked for his racist comments this week, one group has stood by him and offered their support.

Mr Trump who this week told four female democratic congresswomen that they can ‘go home’, has been under immense attack from politicians and civil rights groups around the world.  

Dave Head, spokesperson for Native Americans for Trump told the Daily Jews that they fully supported Mr Trump and hope to help him implement this as a policy, he told us, “I have nothing against these congresswomen, some of whom were born in the USA, it’s just that the idea of foreigners, such as these women and most of the other 300 million colonialists that invaded our land, leaving our shores is pretty compelling to us.” adding “To be honest we never thought we’d get our land back until Trump was elected”.

He went on to say “We’d probably want to keep a few white Europeans around to do the menial tasks that us natives don’t like doing, plus Latinos and African Americans are a good addition to our society and culture”.  

We asked Mr Head where he would start “Well, let’s say if one of your parents, say your mother, came from the West of Scotland for example, you can probably go back there easily and live in relative comfort, we’d start with those folks and see how it goes from there”.

A spokesperson for the White House commented: “We certainly appreciate the support and advice given by Native Americans for Trump and we’d like to look at implementing their policy as soon as possible, no really we would”.

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