Last week in review

As most of the world tries to forget another depressing week, we review the best bits.

Israeli Education minister has Rafi Peretz has said he believes so-called “gay conversion therapy” can work, he told the press that it worked on him. His ex-wife told the Daily Jews “This really does explain a lot”.

This week’s Shande far di Goyim award goes to Jeffrey Epstein, sex offender. Former Israeli PM Ehud Barak who is preparing to run again in the forthcoming Israeli elections and has had several business dealings with Epstein told us “Why Jeffrey, Why?”.

Bernie Sanders brushed away fears that he’s too old and fragile to run for President, he told reporters, “we have a backup plan to swap me for my doppelganger, Larry David, if anything goes wrong.”

US Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen visited the Poway Chabad synagogue where a far-right shooter killed one congregant and wounded three others in April. He told the Daily Jews, “It’s a very austere church, no crosses or effigies of Jesus. These Calvinists are very odd”.

In UK news, a shocking exposé on Labour party antisemitism aired on the Television last week confirmed that Jews can either vote for the antisemitic Labour party or the Conservative party who hate everyone else.

Finally in Sports: Wimbledon concluded this year with once again Jews excelling at eating Strawberries and Cream in the pavilions, The Daily Jews caught up with Maurice Schwartz of Hendon who was attending his first ever Wimbledon, he told us, “It was very nice but they could have laid on some chopped herring”.

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