Boris promises new government will hate all minorities equally

Boris Johnson has ramped up his electioneering with only a day left of campaigning. The Prime Minister is reaching out to all minority groups, some of whom have complained about Tory racism.

In a speech to his supporters in Stockport today, Mr Johnson promised that he would launch an independent enquiry into all forms of racism to “ensure all minorities are treated equally badly.”

The statement follows criticism from the press that he prefers to be offensive towards black people, Muslims, Women and gay men and isn’t as equally offensive to Hindus, Jews and lesbians.

A spokesman for the PM told the Daily Jews that he is fully committed to hating all minorities. “Mr Johnson recently attended the unveiling of a statue of a British Nazi, showing that he hates Jews. He sees all brown people as inferior, and he loves Lesbian porn. The idea that he prefers one minority to another is mad.”

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