Chief Rabbi to appear on Love Island

In an effort to reach out to less affiliated Jews, the Chief Rabbi has agreed to appear as a contestant on next year’s Love Island.  

Whilst the Chief Rabbi is married, his office assures us there will be no halachic problems arising from his stint on the show: “There are enough creative solutions in Jewish law to make this work, especially in times of need such as war, famine or appearing on TV reality shows”.

The Chief Rabbi will be using the concept of a Pligesh (a sort of concubine), which is much discussed in the Talmud as a lesser form of marriage, for any hookups that occur on the show.  He has also requested special provisions from producers such as Kosher food, Shabbat provisions and a small mikvah in case he needs to convert one of the other contestants.

The producers of the show told us: “The Chief Rabbi is a very warm, charismatic and intelligent character which is a big departure from the lifeless, vacuous, narcissistic idiot we usually have on the show.  We’re also looking forward to seeing his ripped bod in a bathing suit.”

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