Boris Johnson hits out at main leadership opponent, Boris Johnson.

The frontrunner for the Tory leadership and Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has hit out at his main rival and competitor, Boris Johnson, Claiming that Boris Johnson is not fit to be Prime Minister.  

Mr Johnson was speaking to the press this morning as part of his media blitz in campaigning to win the forthcoming Conservative leadership contest.  He told reporters: “that idiot Boris Johnson has repeatedly made a fool of himself and the country especially during his stint as Foreign minister, a role which frankly he should never have been given”.  He went on “… what you need is a Prime Minister you can trust, not one that makes up stupid lies he did with the Brexit bus”.

A snap poll following his speech showed that his message resonated with Conservative party voters who are now 20% more likely to vote for him, with one voter quoted as saying “This is the kind of refreshing voice we need in politics, clear, trustworthy and not at all racist”.

When asked about his other rival, the current Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, Mr Johnson said “who?”.

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