Labour demonstrates zero tolerance policy on racism by readmitting antisemite

The Labour party today issued a strong statement against antisemitism in the party by readmitting one of its most high profile antisemitic MP’s.

Chris Williamson who had been suspended for antisemitic comments was today un-mercilessly readmitted to the party and will now have to take the Labour whip as punishment.

A Labour spokesperson said “An official investigation into Mr Williamson has concluded he was a naughty boy. We, therefore, took the appropriate action which was to put him on the naughty step for a while before letting him back in”.

Jennie Formby, General Secretary of the Labour Party, said: “We’ve told Chris if he does it again there will be no pocket money for a week. The Labour party have again shown that there is zero tolerance for any forms of racism in our party. We maintain the right to implement other disciplinary procedures in the future such as grounding him or even taking away his PlayStation 3”.

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