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With offices on Fleet Street, Hendon. The Daily Jews this week launched its new publication at a wild all-night party full of celebrity Jews and other VIPs.  In attendance were TV personality Rachel Riley who was seen mingling with Author and Poet Michael Rosen, former MP George Galloway and for Chief Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks.  

Our correspondent caught up with the Editor In Chief at the launch event and asked what inspired him to found The Daily Jews: “Let’s face it, being Jewish was hard enough already.  Even before Trump, Brexit, neverending Bibi, Corbyn, Arsenal’s continued failure to make the top four, Spurs making the top four, Climate Crisis, Disease, Farage, Boris, Increasing shul fees, Shtisel season three delay, Middle-age-spread and Fake news, things were hard. I realised I had to step in and do something about it.  

Over the last few years, things just seem to have gone from bad to worse.  Even our current Chief Rabbi, lovely though he is, is not as good looking as the last one.  I decided now was the time to change everything with a new, inspiring, fact-based online publication.”

Next I asked our Editor how he managed to recruit the team “first I realised I was going to need to headhunt, so I went to the top, top web publications and managed to hire some of the best people The Jewish News, Breitbart and of course The Canary had to offer.  So we have managed to pull together a team of highly trained staff with an abundance of integrity and swagger.”

Finally, I asked Heir Editor if there was anything he thought our readers should know.  He said, “Frankly, If you’re offended by reading this site, remember, the real world is worse.”

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