Parents sit shiva after son becomes vegan

Molly and Solly Greenbaum from Hendon have announced on facebook that their son, Archie, is dead to them now that he’s come out as a vegan.

Mr Greenbaum told the Daily Jews he couldn’t understand how his son would reject their religion. “Archie was always very into his Judaism as a child. He would eat Chicken every Friday night and pretty much lived on a diet of Herring and Shwarma. Then one day he told us he was a vegan. I couldn’t believe it. This is what we survived the holocaust for?”

Mrs Greenbaum was equally distressed: “You could have married a shikse, I told him, that wouldn’t have been so bad. But this is a rejection of all our Jewish values.”

Archie Greenbaum who is studying to be a Rabbi told us he was sorry for the pain he’d caused his parents. “Kavod Av v’Im (respecting your parents) is central to me, but I couldn’t hide who I was any longer. Every Shachris, Micha and Ma’ariv I pray that my parents will forgive me for my perverted lifestyle.”

The Greenbaum’s will be holding a memorial service for their son at Sammies in Hendon, where they will be serving Schwarma, Steak and Chicken Shiskliks in his memory.

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