Parliament to resume from Prison tomorrow

Boris Johnson has announced this afternoon that following the ruling that his prorogation of Parliament was unlawful, Parliament will sit again with the first session at Wandsworth Prison.

“Given that I and my cabinet have broken the law, we’ve asked the speaker to recall Parliament tomorrow but to sit in prison.” Mr Johnson told the Daily Jews.

“I refuse to resign and will continue to ensure we leave Europe on 31st October. I’ve invited EU negotiators to come and keep working towards a deal. I will do this every day from 3-5 pm, which are visiting hours, until we get a deal.”

Leader of the House, Jacob Rees Mogg has requested to be incarcerated in Newgate Prison. He told us it was the last prison he respected. Newgate Prison was known for its inhumane conditions during the Victorian era and closed down in 1902.

Brexit Secretary, Stephen Barclay, told the Daily Jews Prison was probably the safest place for the cabinet post-no-deal Brexit. “There will likely be food here, unlike out there. The lynch mobs will be out of the streets looking for blood. Prison is likely to be the safest place for us until we can move to our foreign Islands.”

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