Dumb and Dumber movie mistaken for UK election debate

A new poll by YouGov has revealed that 200k people watching Dumb and Dumber last night thought they were watching the election debate between Corbyn and Johnson.

The pollster said after the film that 51 % of those thought Boris (Jeff Daniels) came out on top, whereas 49% thought Jeremy (Jim Carey) came out on top.

76% said they liked the bit where Boris gets his tongue stuck on a poll and thought this would be useful in Brexit negotiations.

However, 49% were disappointed when Boris told a woman “Nice set of hooters you got there”. Saying this displayed a lack of sensitivity.

62% of viewers thought Jeremy would be trusted with the NHS after offering the audience “you wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world.”

But 33% we’re concerned about his international policies when he confused Austria with Austrailia.

Overall, the audience polled would like to see more debates like these and appreciated the 1990’s look and adventures the two went on while debating policy decisions.

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