Boris receives medal from Galactic Princess for saving Brexit

PM Boris Johson updated the cabinet on his overnight work this morning.

A leaked memo reported the following:

Legions of rebel forces and civilians from the four corners of the galaxy travelled to a faraway land today to watch Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker and Boris Johnson receive medals from Princess Leia.

The medals were awarded for bravery in delivering a fantastic Brexit deal and for defeating Darth Vader and his EU Sith lords.

Mr Johnson told revelling fans that the UK will be great again so long as the galactic senate passes the deal, without reading it first, during a special sitting on Saturday.

Mr Johnson explained to the crowds that the dark side is still active in the senate represented by Darth Corbyn and his Libdem & SNP acolytes. He told the crowds: “If the galactic senate rejects my deal, I will have to go crawling back to Palpatine to ask for an extension. No one wants to see that happen to me, your hero.”

A spokesperson for 10 Downing Street responded to The Daily Jews request for comment. “Mr Johnson was found playing with his Star Wars action figures this morning. He was humming the Death Star theme. We are very worried about him”.

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