Chris Williamson learning the Hokey Cokey for next series of Strictly Come Dancing

Labour MP Chris Williamson was today referred to another Labour disciplinary committee after the NEC decided it could not overturn his current suspension.  The Daily Jews has learned that this entire saga is actually part of a rehearsal process for next years series of Strictly Come Dancing.

“Having been suspended and readmitted, I got to thinking this little dance could really further my career so I got together with Jenny (ed: Labour Chief Exec Jenny Fornby) and we agreed I should be in and out in and out a few more times and then shake it all about, basically that’s what it’s all about”. Williamson told us this morning.   

The MP for Derby North said it was inevitable that he would end up being expelled because “I’m an opinionated anti-Racist, apart from Zio Jews, can’t stand them, so probably will be booted out sooner or later.  I realised I need a new career so I’m going to be doing Strictly.”

When contacted the BBC said “we do not give airtime to left-wing antisemites unless they’re members of Jewish Voice of Labour or Labour against the Witchhunt in which case we do”.

A spokesperson from the Labour party told us: “Look we’ve already told you this 100 times.  The Labour party takes all complaints of anti-semitism and witch-hate extremely seriously and we are committed to challenging and campaigning against it in all its forms.”

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