Cute puppy causes owners eyes to explode

Rob Ponim (45) from Jewtown Road in Stanmore took Charlie the puppy (3 weeks) home as a gift for his wife and children.  He told the Daily Jews: “Everything was fine until I looked at him for  15 seconds without blinking. My eyes started itching. I thought maybe I was allergic. Blood was leaking down my cheeks, but I couldn’t stop looking at the puppy. And then my eyes exploded out of their sockets.”

Wife Ellen was in the kitchen when she heard the popping sound. “I rushed in, and Rob’s eyes were splattered all over the carpet. I was distraught, but then I caught sight of the puppy and all I felt was pure ecstasy. Fifteen seconds later, my eyes had exploded.”

Several friends on Facebook reported bleeding from their eyes. At the time of publication, three have lost their eyesight.

Neighbours have taken out a restraining order against Charlie until he grows older and loses his cuteness.

Police spokesperson Amanda Panda told the Daily Jews “We’re strongly advising residents not to look at a dog, not to engage with a dog and for god’s sake not to stroke a dog. I’m wearing a blindfold.”

The children, Morris and Gerty Ponim, are both now blind.  Gerty told friends “We should have got a goldfish”.

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