Corbyn generously offers to become PM

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, last night offered to become PM to solve the Brexit crisis. The generous offer to replace the UK’s first clown Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, comes despite his repeated efforts to ensure this would never happen.

Mr Corbyn has employed a dual strategy of allowing antisemitism to fester in his party and expounding an incomprehensible Brexit policy. The later even his ministers can’t get their head around. This strategy ensured his party stayed firmly behind in polls against pitiful competition.

Mr Corbyn was at pains to thanks his close advisors, Milne, Murray and Stalin’s ghost for their support in ensuring he remained totally unelectable. A labour spokesperson told us, “with the quality of the opposition; it’s been tough to stay behind in the polls.

We strongly rely on our allies such as Chris Williamson and the various groups who support this policy such as JVL, Labour Against the Witchhunt etc. Jeremy himself has been masterful in creating an inexplicable Brexit policy which we change every few weeks in case someone starts to get it.

Offering to become caretaker PM is just another masterstroke dreamed up by our strategy department.”

The Daily Jews asked a spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats for a comment, but they were too busy laughing to respond.

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