Last week in review

In the week that passed, Trump told us that he isn’t racist and the Israeli Education Minister Peretz told us he isn’t a homophobe.  Trust in politics is back.

A Haredi man in Florida is suing McDonald’s for not hiring him due to his beard, a spokesman for McDonald’s said: “We had to let him go, he refused to clean up ‘treif’ and had something called Cholent stuck in his beard all the time”.

Israel says it won’t block democratic congresswomen Omar And Tlaib From Entering the Country.  A spokesperson for the Israeli immigration control says they’re looking forward to welcoming the two congresswomen with a week-long enhanced interrogation programme.

As Jewish news outlet Forward this week published about the hidden Jews in North Dakota, reports of antisemitism in North Dakota have risen 3000%, surviving members of the community told the Daily Jews “please don’t mention us again”.

In San Diago comic con news, Marvel announces three new Jewish superhero movies for women in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Natalie Portman will be the Female Thor, Scarlett Johanson will get her own Black Widow movie and Barbra Streisand will play the titular role of My Yiddishe Mama.  

My Yiddishe Mama will be going up against several Marvel villains such as Doctor Doom, Magneto and Thanos ultimately defeating them using Yiddish swear words, her burned brisket and guilt.

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