Katie Hopkins feeling ‘dirty’ shaking hands with a Jew

Katie Hopkins returned from Israel this week where she screened her new movie ‘I hate Muslims more than I hate Jews’ to an audience in Jerusalem.  Upon returning she was reportedly devastated to learn that the non-Muslim Israeli’s she met were Jews. She told a confidant “Look the Jews are not as bad as the Muslims, at least we know we can cull them by a third if we need too, but I still feel betrayed”.  

She reportedly is happy to get the Jews on her side as long as she doesn’t have to touch their filthy claws “as everyone knows, Jews control the world, this is why it’s important to get them onside if we’re going to defeat the Muslims, but I didn’t expect to have to shake hands with one.”

Upon returning to the UK, Hopkins, who usually bring Jews and Muslims together in their mutual hate for her, showed her new film to a group of mostly Jews on Hendon.  “It cheers me to find Jewish fascists alive and kicking in the UK” she said, “maybe they can help me with the Jewish problem once we’ve dealt with the Muslims?.

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