Ladies Guild strike over trans inclusion

Hendon United Synagogue ladies guild has gone on strike, it’s been announced, over the Rabbi’s insistence that trans-drag-queen Malka Tikvah who is a member of the synagogue be allowed to join the ladies guild.

Ms Tikvah aged 69 who last year failed to become Israel’s entry in the Eurovision song contest said ever since she was a little boy she wanted to join the Ladies Guild.  Ms Tikvah told us: “the ladies guild is the height of female empowerment and I want to be part of that movement like other women in the community. There is nothing more feminine then putting out chopped herring and watered down whiskey for the men whilst they finish their davening”

Silvia Kaplan, head of Hendon US ladies guild told the Daily Jews “I have nothing against trans-people, it’s just that the ladies guild is a safe space for us ladies to gossip about our husbands and until last year Malka was Morris and has been friends with our husbands for 50 years.  We just don’t want her telling them what we talk about”.

The issue looks set to drag on, and in what could be a landmark case in the UK, the London Beth Din have fast-tracked set a date to hear the case.  A spokesman for the Beth Din told us “this is an important issue which needs to get resolved by next week because Dayan Beardian’s grandson is supposed to be Bar Mitzvahed at Hendon that week.  As is well known, the Barmitzvah isn’t halachically complete without schmaltz herring after the service.”

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    • Liz Henze
    • July 9, 2019

    The ladies are quite right to protest about this. The real issue isn’t about trans inclusion, it’s about some men wanting to and being allowed to access space that isnt theirs to be in, women’s space. Being a woman isn’t a feeling, it’s a biological fact, and Malka isn’t one. No rabbi, and especially a male one, has the right (nor should want to) to force this on female members of the synagogue, it’s misogynistic and it’s wrong.

    • paul Newman
    • August 26, 2019

    It’s called a spoof, Liz. The herring will make it s usual appearance. Worry not.

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