Labour MP ‘never meant to upset Jews, was just trying to get on the side of our antisemitic voters’

The newly elected Labour MP for Stratified East, Kathleen Mardy has apologised for her string of antisemitic comments during her election campaign.

In a letter to Jewish leaders Mrs Mardy, who previously worked for Amnesty International explained that no offence was meant “When I said Jews where Christ killers and Palestine is the new Christ, I wasn’t aware this was an old antisemitic trope. I was only saying it to get people to vote for me’.

The JLC, Board of Deputies and Elder of Zion will be hosting Mrs Mardy at a training event next month. The agenda will include, how not to offend Zionists and an overview of Tractate Terumot from the Talmud to improve the MP’s understanding of ancient Jewish agricultural laws.

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