Jewish mother arrested for forced-feeding local children

Photo: An artists impression of the Jewish mother

A Jewish mother from Hendon, PhyllisPhilis Eeatalotski (52), has been arrested for force-feeding local Children.

Mrs Eastalotski had been on the police’s watchlist for several years after having been reported to be soliciting chocolate brownies outside a primary school in 2015.

The mother of five who is a member of Hendon United Synagogues Ladies Guild had previously admitted to having a problem in an interview with the Daily Jews in 2017. She told us, “I have a terrible fear that everyone around me is malnourished and will die if I don’t feed them”.

Mrs Eatalotski’s daughter, Ivana, told us the family had long suspected her mother had a problem. “As a child, my mother wouldn’t talk to me if I wasn’t guzzling down some of her kishke’s. My father died of a heart attack when we were young, some of us suspect this is due to the fact he was 30 stone overweight, but there is no proof.”

We were able to speak with a 12-year old victim of Mrs Eatalotski. Ari Shmaltzoff asked not to be named. He told us, “She used to give me free cakes and chocolate after school. She just wanted to watch me eat them. One day I was full, and I didn’t want any more so she tied me up and stuffed cholent down my throat until I puked”.

A spokesperson for the police told the Daily Jews that Mrs Eatalotski is currently being held in solitary confinement. This after an incident in the detention centre. The spokesperson told us, “We walked in on her stuffing a hermolis meal into the mouth of a fellow inmate against her will.”

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