Iranian cloning threat to Israel

Intelligence reports, Iran developing technology to clone Shahrbaraz, the last Iranian to conquer Jerusalem in their latest attempt to defeat their foe ‘the Zionist entity’.

Shahrbaraz managed to conquer Jerusalem on behalf of the Sasanian Empire in the early part of the 7th Century taking it from the control of Byzantium Christendom.

This latest effort by the Iranian Armed forces bio-warfare department (IAFBWD) was leaked to us by a small man called ‘Yossi’ who The Daily Jew met with in Camden market for a falafel. Yossi (not his real name), claims to be a high ranking member of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, and has an inside mole at the IAFBWD.

Moles are often trained and used by Mossad to penetrate high-security facilities in enemy countries. Based on descriptions, we’ve been able to draw what we believe this Mole to look like.

The mole has reported that so far the Iranians have been unable to successfully clone the famous 7th century Persian King, having instead created a clone of the mole 17 times as he keeps replacing the original DNA with his own. The Iranians are starting to get suspicious but continue their work.

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