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Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker spoiler-free review for frummers

by Rav Shmuly Yankleberg Firstly, I have to say it’s totally asur min hashomoyim to watch this film. Having said that, I had to watch it to make sure the kehilla is properly warned about the danger to Klal Yisrael in it. I went to the cinema, but I was worried about maris eyin, so […]


Corbyn’s clone to stand in leadership election

Jeremy Corbyn’s biological clone has announced he will be standing for the Labour leadership. The clone, named as Jeremy+ Corbyn, was created three years ago as a backup plan by campaign group Momentum should the original Corbyn be hit by a bus or even more unlikely, lose the election. Jon Lansman, token Jew of Momentum, […]


Appeal: Socks are not just for Xmas

Every year millions of socks are bought as gifts at Christmas. The buyers’ intentions are usually good, to provide a loving home, warm washing machine and regular walks. But a shocking new study has shown that 98.87% of Xmas socks are discarded after only one week. The study was funded by the National Association of […]


Corbyn to join board of Estee Lauder after crushing election defeat

Jeremy Corbyn has announced that after he steps down from his role of Labour party leader, he will take up a board post with Estee Lauder. The failed leader, who many expected to return to his former glory three days after the election, has told the Daily Jews that he’s always had a keen interest […]


Chief Rabbi to Corbyn ‘this is what happens when you fuck with the Jews’

Ephraim Mirvis, the Chief Rabbi of the UK and commonwealth, has reacted defiantly to LAbour’s heavy defeat in the general election. Rabbi Mirvis told the Daily Jews that Mr Corbyn had “fucked” with the wrong people.  The CR went on to say “Jeremy, this is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass”. We also asked […]


Johnson ‘can’t believe they fell for it’

Re-elected Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, today told the Daily Jews he couldn’t believe the idiots fell for it. “I lied my way through the campaign, everyone knew it, even the fridge I hid in new I was lying. I’m amazed that my bullshit worked. I want to thank my friend Donald for his fantastic advice. […]


Labour voters ‘gutted’ they will have to pay for broadband

Following the Conservative party massive victory in the election, Labour supporters are decrying the fact that they will have to pay for their broadband connections. “fuck the NHS. I can’t believe I won’t get free fibre” Jason from Southend told the Daily Jews today. Jane, from Oldham, told us: “I was hoping to see less […]


Winners of the Jewish emoticon awards 2019 annouced

The annual Jewish emoticon awards were held last night and sponsored by the JLC, BoD, Jewish Chronicle and Ken Livingstone’s ‘don’t mention Hitler’ foundation. The Jewmoji’s, as they are affectionately known, brings the community together each year. It’s the only Jewish event that brings all denominations and political opponents together. This year Stephen Pollard could […]


Corbyn to tax millionaire shortbread

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced he will raise new revenues to pay for investment needed in the NHS by taxing millionaire shortbread. The move was immediately condemned by high street food outlet Leon who currently sell a millionaire shortbread for £2.69. A spokesperson for Leon told the Daily Jews the price would have to […]


Boris promises new government will hate all minorities equally

Boris Johnson has ramped up his electioneering with only a day left of campaigning. The Prime Minister is reaching out to all minority groups, some of whom have complained about Tory racism. In a speech to his supporters in Stockport today, Mr Johnson promised that he would launch an independent enquiry into all forms of […]

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