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Jeremy Corbyn releases leaflet on antisemitism with personal examples…

Embattled Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, this weekend emailed Labour members with a new five-page leaflet on antisemitism which only took his team four years to write. In an email linking to the leaflet, Mr Corbyn tells party members “there’s no place for antisemitism in our movement”…  going on to list the various Labour allied groups […]


Last week in review

In the week that passed, Trump told us that he isn’t racist and the Israeli Education Minister Peretz told us he isn’t a homophobe.  Trust in politics is back. A Haredi man in Florida is suing McDonald’s for not hiring him due to his beard, a spokesman for McDonald’s said: “We had to let him […]

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JW3 to check visitors halachic status

After having been attacked in a series of open letters from members of the Charedi community over hosting controversial events at JW3, the centre has announced a new initiative aimed at easing intra-communal tensions which would allow Charedim to use the centre.   As well as introducing compulsory separate seating for men and women at the […]

Haredi women dancing (example of the AI tech)

Hamodia to employ AI to allow photos of women (transformed into men) to be published in their newspaper

(photo: Haredi women altered to look like men, dancing in Jerusalem). International Haredi newspaper, Hamodia, has started showing photographs of women for the first time, thanks to modern technology which makes them look like men. The newspaper which is widely read in the Haredi world told us they had listened to complaints of sexism levelled […]


Shock as new research shows Jews living north of London

The Institute for Jewish Policy and Research this week released a new report which shows that there are Jews living north of Watford.  A spokesperson for the Board of Deputies told the Daily Jews that an emergency summit will be held to plan fundraising and an aid package for these people who are now being […]


Native American spokesperson supports Trump’s plan to send foreigners home

As American President Donald Trump is roundly attacked for his racist comments this week, one group has stood by him and offered their support. Mr Trump who this week told four female democratic congresswomen that they can ‘go home’, has been under immense attack from politicians and civil rights groups around the world.   Dave Head, […]


International committee of experts finally reveal the difference between Reform and Liberal Judaism

Guest writer: Professor Jewface An international commission set up 20 years ago to investigate the difference between Reform and Liberal Judaism has finally revealed the findings of its deliberations. Speaking in front of a packed auditorium in Geneva, Professor Jurgen von Jurgenson stated: ‘After twenty years of intense study by 300 experts from 50 countries, […]


English fans overjoyed as people they don’t know and never met win a game

In a once in a lifetime event, the England Cricket team won a game of Cricket yesterday, something to do with beating New Zealand to win the World Cup. The game was tied even after a ‘Super Over’ where both sides had to bowl with blindfolds on.  To decide the winner the game replied on […]


Last week in review

As most of the world tries to forget another depressing week, we review the best bits. Israeli Education minister has Rafi Peretz has said he believes so-called “gay conversion therapy” can work, he told the press that it worked on him. His ex-wife told the Daily Jews “This really does explain a lot”. This week’s […]

Felicity the Oak Tree

Glastonbury tree distressed from non-consensual hugging

A tree situated close to the Glastonbury Tor is reportedly suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome after over 40 years of being hugged without its consent by random hippies. The tree, which according to experts is made of oak, broke its vow of silence which is mandatory for all trees under the ‘trees of the […]

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