Antisemitic Israeli Jewish protestors

Poll: 60% of Israelis now antisemitic

(image of Jew haters protesting in Israel) Guest post by Rosalind Oak A recent poll reported in the Jew-hating newspaper, the Jerusalem Post, showed that 60% of Israelis think the current legislation passing through the Knesset, designed to reduce the power of the woke left in Israel, could lead to violence. Further polls have shown […]

AI representation of Jew defending Israel

Mentioning Israel increases antisemitism so shut up

Guest post by Daemon Solomon I hesitate to write this article as I firmly believe that British Jews should never mention Israel in case it emboldens antisemitism. However, the string of articles in the Jewish press recently criticising those who speak out against Israeli policies is harming both Israel and diaspora Jews. By mentioning these […]


Companies shocked to discover oligarchs are dodgy

Charities, arts organisations and many businesses across the UK were shocked this week to discover Russian oligarchs are dodgy. Helsea Rugby Club has received millions of pounds from Remus Isaacovich over the past two decades, their president Grahame Cuntly told the Daily Jews how he heard the news. “Our previous due diligence showed that all […]

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The Secret History of Hava Nagila

This 5 minute short will change the way you view Jewish history, forever. Story & Script by Dan Jacobs Animation and Art by Gus Condeixa Narrated by Lilach Davis Script edited by Simon Isaac Rosenberg

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Man desperate for human contact makes dentist appointment

Brian O’Miles, a 52-year-old engineer from County Kerry, Ireland, told the Daily Jews, he was so desperate for human contact he has booked a Dentist appointment in the hopes of physical touch during lockdown. On a zoom call, Mr O’Miles told us of his frustrations. “I live in a two bed flat with my cat […]

corbyn and starmer at war

War: Corbyn releases first hostage

Jeremy Corbyn has agreed to give up one of his hostages after being readmitted into the Labour party. However, he has told a press conference tonight that he will be holding on to the second hostage until he has the whip restored. Mr Corbyn, who was recently suspended from the Labour party after undermining its […]


Daily Jews guide to US Election fake news.

With all the confusion around the US presidential election, allegations of voter fraud and fake news. We’ve created a handy guide for our readers to determine if a claim is fake or real. Was this claim made at a press conference outside a gardening store? If so, it was probably false Has the person who […]


Antisemitic character cancelled by Sesame Street

Disney Studios this week have confirmed that following a petition signed by 1.7m people, The Count from Sesame Street has been cancelled and all episodes with him in will be deleted from the Disney catalogue. The petition was created by Trevor Mild, a middle class 30-year-old white man from Portland Oregon who we spoke to […]


Corona vaccine causes autism, hair loss and a sore bottom say people who want to be first in line for the vaccine

The team behind the Oxford coronavirus vaccine today released data showing the efficacy and safety of their product which has completed phase II trials. However, a new group called ‘vaccines for people who don’t believe in stupid conspiracy theories’ has warned that the new vaccine has many side effects, including making everyone hate you if […]


Daily Jews to launch rival to 40 under 40

The Daily Jews are pleased to announce it’s launching a much less ageist version of 40 under 40, entitled ‘Worst Jews’. ‘Worst Jews’ will list the top 40 awful people currently active in the Jewish community. We’re currently taking nominations with early nominees being: Stephen Bollard, especially since the JC was ‘rescued’ Grant Shapps, for […]

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